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Discontinuous distribution is found in the cedar tree group. The Western Cedar of the Atlas Mountains is obviously closely allied to the Cedar of Lebanon, whilst another form, the Deodar, flourishes in the Himalayas (Fig. 14). By far the simplest way of accounting for these three types is to assume that they are all descended from a common ancestor which HIND BRAIN EAR CAPSULE SOMITE — DUCT OF_ CUVIER DORSAL_ AORTA SINUS VENOSUS" FIG. 15. FORE BRAIN OLFACTORY VENTRICLE OF HEART Drawing of the head end of a three-day-old chick embryo.

C's. Moreover, though in general, outstandingly able men of our time have brains larger than the normal, this is by no means always so. In other words, quality of brain may be more important than quantity, and, of course, careful education is necessary in order that native ability may fully express itself. Peking Man and Java Man had prominent eyebrow ridges, giving their foreheads a heavy brutish look, the look of a beast, rather than a man. Heidelberg man, represented by the jaw found in 1907, was also possibly a very old near-human type, but with only a broken jaw bone it is foolish to be dogmatic.

It is suggested that the two dorsal ciliated bands came close together and sank in to form the dorsal nerve cord which is so typical of chordates, and that the ciliated band which enters the mouth F I G . 23. The larva of an echinoderm (a), compared with the form of a typical primitive chordate (b and c). The ciliated bands of the former correspond exactly with the neural folds of the latter, as do the adorai ciliated bands of the Echinoderm with the endostyle of the primitive vertebrate. (After Garstang, Quart.

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