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By Robin Holliday

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For hundreds of years humans were questioned by means of the inevitability of human getting older. for many of the second one 1/2 the 20th century getting older remained a secret, or an unsolved organic challenge. on the finish of the 20 th century a striking medical discovery emerged. It was once now not a unmarried discovery within the traditional experience, since it was once in response to a chain of vital interconnected insights over particularly an extended time period. those insights made it attainable for the first actual time to appreciate the organic purposes for getting older in animals and guy. it might already be acknowledged, besides the fact that, that the various observations and insights that specify getting older are not accredited as tested wisdom for a very long time. the sector continues to be jam-packed with scientists, and non-scientists, who're simply satisfied to move on speculating concerning the 'mystery' of getting older. the purpose of this e-book is to dispel lack of expertise by way of explaining in non-technical language what are the explanations for getting older and the parable of over the top prolongation of existence.

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The former is a physiological impossibility, and the latter would lead to rapid extinction. Allocation of the resources available to a mammalian species Normal functions Biochemical synthesis Metabolism Respiration Cell turnover Movement Feeding and digestion Excretion Reproductive functions Gonads, gametes and sex Development Gestation Suckling Care of offspring Maintenance functions All those discussed and listed in Chapter 3 The above conclusions can be best applied within particular taxonomic groups, such as mammals, or birds.

After that things start to go wrong, as we are no longer able to sustain the 36 Chapter 4 status quo. Eventually the complexity and order that characterises life itself is lost, and death follows. On our death certificate a single cause of death may be given, but the reality is that if we did not die from one cause, we would die from another. The fact that one organ-system fails first, should not blind us to the fact that there is a multiplicity of changes occurring in molecules, cells, tissue and organs during ageing.

This depends on DNA, but also information that is chemically superimposed on DNA, known as DNA modification or DNA methylation. As well as normal epigenetic events, there are also abnormal ones that can be referred to as epigenetic defects and these can be inherited from cell to cell. It is now known that epigenetic defects are very important in the development of tumours. Thus, one or more of the 4–6 events just mentioned could be epigenetic. It is also likely that these defects are an important component of ageing itself.

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